Urban Impact Certificates of Diversion outline how much material our customers have diverted from landfill every year. Certificates are provided annually, free of charge, to all customers that have received services over the past year. Certificates serve as documented proof of our customers’ efforts to recycle, giving them the satisfaction of knowing that their efforts have made a real impact.

The diversion statistics provided in the Certificates are estimates based on services received. These services, including the number and size of bins, material collected and service frequency, are all taken into account when estimating the total amount of material diverted. In addition to the total number of kilograms diverted, Certificates also provide the equivalent water, trees and electricity saved for all paper products recycled, as well as the associated carbon savings.

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In response to feedback received in the past, we are again providing Certificates in a smaller 5” by 7” format in order to reduce our paper usage. Electronic versions of 2017 Certificates are also available upon request.

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